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Had an awesome time in Dresden. The city, the capital of the Free State of Saxony, is full of history and culture. It was completely flattened, left as rubble, during World War II but it’s people pulled together and built it up keeping the rebuilt structures true to their original form. The city was once again devastated by the floods of 2002 and again, the population worked together to restore it to it’s former glory.

I watched the sun rise over the river Elbe. I enjoyed hearing the nickname for the street on which the police station in Altstadt sits for the first time… it’s called “shooting alley”.

I spent 3 days there… it’s certainly not enough time to enjoy all that the city has to offer but it’s a great start. Would certainly recommend it.

Enjoy the pictures that follow.

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Flying to Dresden

TV tower

Every building looked distinct and had it’s own character.

Ducks and geese in the Elbe

Blaues Wunder (Blue Wonder), the blue bridge across the Elbe river

Went to a national park:

Caught the end of the sunset:

A castle by the river. It’s entrance opens up to the river… Boats can come right up to the steps and enter into the castle

Day 2: Woke up early to head to the Elbe river to watch the sun rise:

Horses in dresden

Birds sitting on a telephone pole

Sunrise over the Elbe river

Hidden away at the heart of Laubegast is the Kirchplatz

Headed to Saxon Switzerland National Park…. Gorgeous views reminded me of the grand canyon in the USA… But this place had it’s own history and beauty.

This guy/girl was abseiling at an impressive height

Headed into Altstadt. Scenes from Altstadt.

Inside the Zwinger

Outside the Zwinger. A pond where there was once a moat.

Yenidze: Formerly a cigarette factory, now a restaurant and office building, designed to look like a mosque by non-muslims, I believe to work around laws that meant buildings that resembled factories were not allowed within the city limits.

Procesion Del Principe


Residenzschloss, Dresden Castle and Katholische Hofkirche, Dresden cathedral

Excavating old sites

Semperoper, Opera House

King Johann statue, Residenzschloss and Katholische Hofkirche

Hundreds of crows; an eerie yet wonderful experience.

Goldener Reiter (Golden Rider)

Altstadt from the east side of Augustusbrücke (Augustus Bridge)

Other images:

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