– Ireland 1117

Went to Ireland.

Story for the day would have to be airport security at Kerry airport… the airport is the smallest I have ever been to. Smaller than Christiansand Airport. You walk in, there is a waiting room (a few seats) and a couple desks for check-ins… then there is airport security (a single queue) leading to the gate. Only three flights were taking off the day I was returning (a Wednesday). Now, when at security I tend to put all my loose items, including my watch, into my zipped jacket pocket – this way I can drop the jacket into the scanner and I know all of my belongings are in one place.. pick it up after security and walk away with everything in one go… only on this occasion, an analogue watch in a jacket pocket surrounded by other metal objects (loose change,wallet etc…) seemed to scare airport security… They politely asked me to empty it all out and then reran it all through the scanners again. Will it put me off doing it again in future? Not a chance.

Ireland is a nice and relaxing place – low speed limits :/ but it was a holiday and I had plenty of time to get from place to place… so sit back and enjoy the views:

Plenty of wildlife to see through my hotel window:

Greeted by a crow before Ross Castle:

Ross Castle. It’s on Ross Island… could pretty much jump across from the mainland and onto the island – I didn’t even realise it was an island until after my return:

Some boats by Ross Castle:

Caught the end of a rainbow… but it was on an island I couldn’t reach.

Really nice looking tree in front of the castle:

Next up, Inch beach… name’s misleading… it’s a hell of a long beach:

Stopped by Dingle for lunch:

Drove through Conor Pass, didn’t have a chance to take pictures – Weather was rather stormy… look up the drive – twisting roads through the mountains… an awesome drive not recommended for wide or heavy vehicles. “The drive, inadvisable in bad weather, is considered one of the most beautiful of Ireland” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conor_Pass).

Drove through a forest on the way back – it was late into the evening and very dark, thus picture quality is bad after heavy editing:

Last day there, noticed snow on the mountain tops: