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After years of driving (not always text-book style) without being pulled over, this happens….

Having dropped a friend off I noticed a police car pull up behind me on a roundabout. They then followed me for 15 mins and eventually pulled me over… Why? Because my window was down (outside temp was -2). I’m told that those that are drunk tend to drive with lowered windows.

After a quick chat (me explaining that I liked the fresh air and had heating turned up), they realised that I was in no way drunk – strange, but not drunk, did a quick ID check and I was on my way.

I didn’t mind the two minute stop over, I’m all for police checking out anything that looks dodgy, but they could have pulled me over a lot quicker… the 15 mins of being followed felt like a never ending driving test.


— Update approx. Sept 2015—

Happened again…. same scenario.. Someone in oncoming traffic flashed their headlights as I was on a flyover, I saw a car follow me as I got to the bottom of the flyover (they were waiting on a slip road under it)… Couldn’t tell if it was a police car or not… someone’s flash of the headlights had put me on my toes but I wondered if they were just giving someone way to get into lane or something. I moved onto the slow lane, the car following me slowed down slowed down, I maintained legal speed… noticed it was a marked car. As I stopped at traffic lights they pulled over alongside…. edging forward as if to cut off my car… and a funny conversation followed:

“why’s your window down”

“I’ve had your colleagues ask me this before… I like the fresh air”

officer takes a sniff of the Beckton stink

“Doesn’t smell very fresh”!

What do you say to that? Since they hadn’t stopped me and the conversation seemed to have ended I hesitantly pulled off when the lights went green (I’d already missed a green once thanks to this conversation)… wondered if they’d follow me but nope, all was well.

—- 23/11/15 Not so clear—-

Got pulled over today by an unmarked car :( … my fault, I was driving a little fast on familiar roads (around the corner of the end of my road). I think the officers knew this as here’s how the conversation went (I did think that this was going to be the day I end up with points!):

“Sorry officer”
“Driving a little fast, you’ve got to slow down haven’t you”
“Yes sir I do”
“Where are you driving to?”
“Home, just around the corner”
“Is this your car?”
“Are you the registered owner?”
“Have you ever been arrested before”
“Slow down”
“Yes, certainly. Thank you and good night”

Goes to show, keep the record clean, don’t try arguing and you get treated decently… Also, drive carefully!

—- Dec 2018 —

Grr. Was driving behind some idiot who had his foot constantly on the brakes. Damp evening. I started ignoring his brakes since it was more or less constantly on… only the one time he genuinely needed it I didn’t spot it… braked in time but stupid ABS kicked in and into the back of his car I went. 

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