– Wales_July18

Enjoying my .308 – shot 280 rounds of .308 and 100 rounds of .22 during the visit.

Couple of rounds on a .338 at £5 per round it’s not very cheap – but doesn’t compare to the £10 per round for a .50.

Entering into the range (0:48 is where it starts looking good). Car got very dusty… visibility through the dust was pretty low at some points:

This is the first range we were at (pictures of this range can be found from my July 2017 posting (click here):

Second range we were at:

We were shooting from the top of one hill (circled in top right on the image below) onto the face of another hill. There were dirt track roads in between as were a couple of lakes… There’s an awesome feeling that comes about when shooting into the water and seeing the resulting splash after a short delay.

Exiting the range (1:05 in the first video is where it gets fun):

RWD drifted a little at 0:03 when turning through the gate