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Current car – 2013 Toyota GT86, 2.0l sports, rwd, red, 197bhp, 140mph top speed – 0-60 is impressive, especially 0-40, this car has a low ride height, sports bucket seats, front headlight washers! Keyless start. I rather like the surround sound system that is highly configurable – passenger doesn’t want to hear the music? – Bring it all to the drivers side. Low suspension and the rear wheel drive mean that this car is very responsive…. the slightest movement of the steering wheel gets a huge amount of response on the road. the car is loaded with air bags… feels very safe. Seats are so low you feel as though you’re laying on the road at times. Car loves to be revved right up.

Third car – 2007 Vauxhall Astra Twintop Design 2.0T 16V, sports convertible, fwd, folding hard top, 17″ alloy wheels, black, 197bhp, 149mph top speed – First taste of key-less start and go. Absolutely loved the folding roof animation. 0-60 was a little slow for my liking, but after 60 it accelerated at an impressive rate. Dedicated sports button for stiffening suspension and allowing for gears to change at higher rpm. Car was too expensive to maintain. From what I understand, the 1.8l version costs the same as a standard Astra to maintain – in contrast, the 2.0l attracts significantly higher costs. Sold it after engine problems.. and roof used to frequently get stuck going down… someone else is driving it these days. The car had a reinforced body… some guy went into the side of my car once – no damage to my car, his bumper pushed into his wing panel causing it to buckle.

Second car – 2003 MG TF, 1.8l, sports convertible, mid engine, rwd, silver, 2 seater, low suspension – great car… my first taste of a sports car. Sadly, as if typical of Rover K-type engines the head gasket went and the engine ended up beyond repair – car was sold – no one has driven it since.

First car – 2000 Volkswagen Polo, 1.0l, fwd, green – someone out there is still driving it.

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